Mensurrechner - Online


Quick Start Guide:
It is quite easy to use. Find the desired instrument from the tabs and select the desired length from the roll menu. The values ​​are also guide values. These help you to specify your own scale length that is recommended for the instrument. Then press the "calculate" switch. Shortly afterwards, a new page opens with the scale table. Now you can download it or simply print it out.
Have fun with the online calculator.

Ukulele scale lengths
Sopranino  28,00 cm
Sopran        36,00 cm
Konzert       39,00 cm
Tenor          44,00 cm
Bariton        51,00 cm


Guitar scale lengths
Gibson     628,65 mm
PRS          635,00 mm
Fender     647,70 mm


Bass scale lengths
short         762,00 - 812,80 mm
medium    812,80 - 863,60 mm
long           863,60 - 914,40 mm
X-long       910,00 - 939,80 mm
XX-long    939,80 - 965,2 mm